News! (March 2007)

Two of my songs will be re-recorded on the Texas Music Coalition's Songwriters' CD. The songs are "Don't mind the Weather" and "Ask the Weaver". Both songs are on my CD.

"Open the Door Softly"

12 of my own compositions about life, hope, love (mostly lost, occasionally found), the wonder of babies, and "Mom's Apple Pie", 4 traditional songs (Celtic, old-time, and blues) and one by Jean Ritchie.

It was recorded in San Antonio at Blue Cat Studios with Joe Trevino, a wonderful engineer, and I was fortunate to have the cream of San Antonio's acoustic musicians to assist me.

I hope you like the music.

If you do like the music, it is available at!


1. Butterfly (Kadie's Song) (lyrics)
2. Don't Mind the Weather (lyrics, mp3 (4mb))
3. Let the Sun Shine Down On Me
4. Open the Door Softly*
5. Panhandle Waltz (lyrics, mp3 (4mb))
6. Only Love (lyrics)
7. One for the Fiddler (lyrics)
8. Ask the Weaver (lyrics)
9. Mom's Apple Pie (lyrics, mp3 (6mb))
10. Dink's*
11. Maggie's (Brand New Angel)(lyrics)
12. Michael (lyrics, mp3 (4.5mb))
13. Texas Hills (lyrics)
14. Southwind*
15. Lakes of Ponchartrain*
16. Midnight On the Water (lyrics)***
17. Bedtime Waltz (lyrics)


(all copyrighted 2003, Maria Larson, except for *(traditional), ** (Jean Ritchie, c 1971, 1983 (pseudonym Than Hall), Geordie Music Publishing), and *** lyrics copyrighted 2003 Maria Larson)